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Check out the antics of Richard, Stevie, T Bag &

FRED The Punk Rock Cock 

Dicks partner in crime and the best wing man on the planet...



Quoted as being: "the most entertaining "DRUNK ROCK" band to ever hit the club scene in southern California" With songs like: Psycho Bitch, Park Life, Lost in a Bottle, Wood Morning, Drunk Love, Salt Malt, Grandmatramp, The Beer Song, Drunk and Stupid, Trailer Park Girl, Bite Me, I Drink I Am, Prick Tease, Liquor Barn Dave, No Glove No Love, Big Muff and many others, Drunk N Stupid will take you on a musical journey through the trailer parks of white trash America and far beyond.

Member Bios:

On guitar and lead vocals is RICHARD S. More rhythm and less weight than your standard white boy has a right to, he can actually play, move & puke out lyrics at the same time. Richard & Fred are long time partners in crime and have been known to Rock, Wreck and Pillage many a Dive Bar, Pub, and village. 

On the bass guitar and vocals is cool guy and bassist extraordinaire STEVIE STINK FINGERHe’ll do or say anything to get laid and drives a van just so he has a bedroom outside the club. Often high and high atop many law enforcement most wanted lists, his bone shakin’ bass playing is second only to his love of VODKA, BEER & BIG BREASTS. 

On drums and vocals is T-BAG. T-Bag was born in LA with tattoos, a goatee, bong, and a bar tab. Not too bad looking when he's clean, however, often forgets to shower because of his nearly constant state of inebriation. He can be seen at most liquor stores, or dispensaries, filling up the saddlebags on his Harley and will do or drink most everything and anything brought or bought for him.

And last but not least we have:

FRED [The Punk Rock Cock] - Richard’s wingman. Co-fronting the band and riding on Dick’s mic stand, he’s always up for a squeez and good for a laugh. Fred is the butt of many a stupid joke. Undoubtedly, the most talented rubber chicken and wing man on the planet!


Beer, The Ramones, Beer, Sam Kennison, Beer, Green Day, Beer, Lenny Bruce, Beer, Social Distortion, Beer, The Violent Femmes, Beer & All ALCOHOLIC Beverages! Did I mention BEER!!! 

Sounds Like:


Record Label:

Drunk Rock Records 





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